Event Details

3rd Annual Denim & Diamonds BBQ

Liberty ARC’s 3rd Annual Denim & Diamonds BBQ & Country Concert will be held on Saturday, August 17th. We are proud to announce that, this year, all proceeds will go towards purchasing much needed mechanical lifts. These devices will impact many and tremendously improve the quality of life of those supported by Liberty ARC.

These lifts will give both staff and individuals a great help in their everyday lives. Staff, it would be a less of a toll of their bodies, with lifting issues. Individuals, this could open a wide range of new possibilities for them! It would aid them to have new opportunities to explore their community, maybe even give them the chance to go on a day trip or vacation they have never been on.

A mechanical lift, or as it’s refer to in the health care field a Hoyer Lift, allows a person to be elevated and transferred with a minimum of physical effort on the part of the caregiver. This is in the best interest of both the individual being taken care of and the staff supporting them.

A sit-to-stand, portable lift opens up a myriad of opportunities, for those who depend on others for their mobility. By attending Liberty ARC’s Denim & Diamond’s event not only are you guaranteed to have a great time but you are ensuring a future of new and life-changing experiences for those supported by the agency.  Thank you!

Online ticket sales for our 2019 Denim & Diamonds event are no longer available. Please, email ryans@libertyarc.org for dinner ticket availability. If you’d like entrance to just the concert feel free to come the night of. Walk in welcome for a discounted price of $10.