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This event finished on 07 April 2017

NYSACRA Conference Highlights:

Liberty IT staff member Elizabeth Cardella will present the following program:
“Video Killed the Paperwork Pile”
Don’t throw away all of your files just yet, but come take an interactive look into how an innovative agency is utilizing videos to promote an individualized approach to planning, structure and care.  How can a 3-minute video provide a whole picture of someone’s life?  We will look at how Liberty ARC’s “Shapshot” videos have changed the way that ISP meetings are run and the impact that they have on families, staff and management.  Starting with short overview of the video-production process, including the collaborative approach for obtaining footage, interview techniques, possible challenges, and the distinguishing factors that make each video unique.  A large focus on the significance that these videos have made throughout the agency.  Interviews with individuals in the program and their families on how they feel their video represents them. Input from staff about how the videos have made it easier to support someone for the first time, and how the videos integrate into the Therap billing and reporting system.  By the end, you’ll be inspired to buy some video equipment and become the Spielberg for your agency.

NYSACRA Annual Art Show– April 6th
The Liberty Through the Arts program will have seven pieces of art work on display throughout the conference.