Discovering Dreams at Liberty ARC

I am Liberty Story: Pursue Your Dreams with Flexible Schedules. Headshot of Tayler Motyl with man she supports at Liberty ARC.

Tayler Motyl, an Assistant Habilitation Specialist 2 at Liberty ARC, said she’s always known she wanted to work in a field where she helped people.

“I just love being given the opportunity to help people get through tough times and being someone to rely on,” Tayler said.

Tayler’s been working at Liberty ARC for the past eight months while taking pre-requisite courses at Fulton Montgomery Community College for the Registered Nursing Program, which she’ll start in the fall.

Tayler said she was able to keep her position at the agency while also going to all of her classes and maintaining a high grade point average, because of the flexibility the position offers.

“I’m really grateful for this position because I could still work and go to class, which was very important to me,” she said. “There aren’t many flexible jobs out there that work with your schedule like Liberty ARC does.”

Tayler said the joy she brings to the individuals she supports is her favorite part of her job.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with people and caring for them,” she said. “I love when you can see that you’ve brightened someone’s day and helped them get out of their comfort zone.”

She reminisced about a recent time when she helped an individual reach out of his comfort zone and do something he wouldn’t normally do.

“There’s an individual who stays in his chair and doesn’t ever want to go for walks or get out of the room,” she said, “but I somehow encouraged him to go for a walk with me one day, out of the blue, and it made me so happy. Getting him to do something different and enjoy it was amazing to me. Now he wants to go for walks regularly. It makes me so proud. That’s why we’re here – that’s the best part of this position, hands down.”

Tayler urges anyone who “wants to make people smile and help them at the same time” to apply for a position at Liberty ARC, especially if they’re thinking of going into the medical field.

“Working at Liberty ARC solidified the fact that I want to work in a field where I help people, because I enjoy this position so much,” she said. “It’s also helped me realize that I’d be completely comfortable working in the medical field, which is what I’ve wanted.”

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