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Liberty Through the Arts banner with woman bent over a table putting together a piece of artwork.

Liberty ARC is home to amazingly creative artists – and for more than 12 years Liberty Through the Arts has showcased the inspiration, originality, and enthusiasm of artists with disabilities from our own community.

Now, the work of our artists is available for your purchase through our partnership with Silver Graphics! These unique and beautiful items make great gifts.


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Step 1: Go to the Silver Graphics Page at the link in the blue button below 👇:

Step 2:  On the left side of the page, enter in LibertyART (case sensitive) in the Fundraising Order box

Access Code Screenshot: LibertyART

Step 3: Select the artwork you’re interested in – either by artist, or select all art to see everything our artists have done.

Step 4: Choose the items you’d like the artwork to be featured on  – from mugs to keychains to aprons and more, there are a ton of great choices!

Click Here to go to Liberty’s Silver Graphics Page

Artwork is a therapeutic and creative outlet for expression for many people with disabilities. The Liberty artists take great pride in their work, and focus on subjects that are important to them personally.  In the Liberty Through the Arts program the artists learn techniques, new skills, and use new mediums to bring their creative ideas to life.

A large sunflower artwork on an easel.

Sunflower by Michelle Michaels

By purchasing items through our Silver Graphics page, you have a three-fold impact! You are:

  • Supporting artists with disabilities – who bring their diverse and unique viewpoints to their work each day
  • Supporting the artist who created the original piece (each artist gets a commission on each piece sold)
  • Supporting programming like Liberty Through the Arts which makes the work possible – a portion of the proceeds will fund continued programming

You can see the world through the eyes of Liberty’s artists!  Talented and award-winning artists like….

Man supported by Liberty ARC in garden smiling with a baseball cap and sunglasses near his painting of Wonder Woman.

Frank Rivera 

Favorite medium and subject: Painting and drawing popular super heroes.

Favorite work of art he’s created: A painting of Spider Man

Future Plans for the Artist: Frank would like to create his own action-packed comic book filled with adventure and comedy.

“I am happy my artwork allows me to express myself and my interests. I love superheroes and sports. It makes me happy to capture action-packed events in my pieces or make superhero cross-overs come to life on paper.” – Frank


Happy smiling man supported by Liberty ARC in a garden near his artwork, colorful paintings of a crab and a fish.

Ken Shumaker

Favorite medium and subject: Capturing the beauty of nature through painting.

Favorite work of art he’s created: A painting of an eagle, which proudly sits on his bookcase at home.

Known for: Paintings of the many birds Ken sees outside his home

“I always like making crafts with my friends, but when I started in Liberty Through the Arts program, six years ago, I started to paint and really liked it. I’m proud of my nature paintings, like birds, zoo animals, and sea creatures.” –  Ken





Find this art and more in our Online Art Shop!


Color elephant painting Collage of colorful paper roses.
Orange, pink, and blue trees painting White tree branches with snow flakes and a blanket of snow on the ground painting
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