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Liberty ARC, the Montgomery & Schenectady County Chapter of The Arc New York, is a member-based, not-for-profit agency established in 1957. We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve a quality of life each person values. Liberty ARC is a leader in the field of service provision to people with disabilities, combining caring and attentive services with the latest in technology, best practices, and professional approaches.  As a member of The Arc New York, we advocate and work at a statewide and local level to make sure people with disabilities are fully integrated into our communities.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who can be a Liberty member? Anybody over the age of 18, and throughout the country who supports the work or mission of Liberty ARC is invited to join as a member!

What do members do? As much, or as little, as they’d like – some members are more active than others, and that’s ok. All members will receive communications and opportunities to advocate, volunteer, and support Liberty ARC at whatever level they feel comfortable.

Are members required to do anything? The only membership requirement is to keep current with the $5 annual dues and keep your address up to date with Liberty ARC.

Does Liberty ARC’s membership enrollment matter? Yes! Leadership volunteer positions, such as board and committee positions, must be filled by members, and Liberty ARC’s membership enrollment determines how much influence our chapter has at the statewide level, The Arc New York – the more members we have the more representative votes Liberty ARC receives for the statewide organization, helping us shape the decisions that affect our services. But most importantly, a strong membership shows our community supports and celebrates our citizens with disabilities. It gives us a voice to help the people we serve live their best life.

How can I become more involved? There are lots of great ways to get involved with Liberty ARC – whether you are looking for an opportunity for your business or community group, or looking to personally get involved with volunteering or advocating, we would love to talk further! Email us at info@libertyarc.org and including “Involvement Opportunities” in the subject line, or reach out to the Public Relations office at 518-954-3265.


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