Stronger Together – Unification Between Liberty ARC & Schenectady ARC

People standing in circle with their hands overlapping each other with phrase Stronger Together.

Liberty ARC and Schenectady ARC have announced they are exploring the possibility of unification of the two agencies! In a joint letter to family members, people supported, and staff, the leadership noted that with the retirement of Kirk Lewis at the end of 2023, this was the right time to explore this possibility. Liberty ARC and Schenectady ARC have a long history of working together, and the Leadership and Boards of both are excited about the possibilities that unification will bring. A unification will leverage the strengths of two respected organizations, allowing us to share our expertise for the benefit of the people we support and enhance programs and services in both counties.
A unification process typically takes 9 months to a year, and both agencies are committed to transparency and open communication as the process unfolds. We are thrilled to be moving in such a positive direction and excited to see the growth that will result from working together.
Read the latest news on the unification. 




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