Training & Career Development

Liberty ARC is committed to investing in our workforce, and giving you the opportunities to develop your skills and career!  Whether it is on the job training, conferences, workshops, or formal college coursework, we strive to offer our community the very best opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. For More Information about these Education and Professional Development Opportunities please contact our Recruiters: Joe Santos at 518-954-3387 or josephs@libertyarc.org, or Aaron Eschler at 518-954-3066 or eschlera@libertyarc.org 

Tuition Reimbursement & Degree Enhancement:

Liberty Has An Outstanding Tuition Reimbursement Program For Our Full Time, Part Time and Relief Employees!

Three women smiling in their cap and gowns for gradation holding their diplomas.

The Agency reimburses full-time, part-time, and relief staff* that work a minimum of 15 hours per month who have successfully completed their introductory period for academic expenses for classroom instruction, not to exceed $286 per credit hour, for a maximum of 8 credit hours per semester and 16 credit hours or up to $4,576 per year! Reimbursement is contingent upon attaining proof of passing or successful completion for non-grade bearing programs or a grade of “B” or higher for undergraduate and graduate work.

And Once the Employee Graduates and Receives their Degree, we Reward this Accomplishment with a Salary Enhancement* :

Associates Degree = $2,500

Bachelor’s Degree = $3,000

Master’s Degree =   $3,500

* Enhancement is prorated for staff working less than full-time.

Read about some of our stories of education and career advancement here:

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness: Liberty ARC staff are eligible to apply for Federal Student Loan Forgiveness as we are an “Eligible Employer” as a non-profit organization serving persons with developmental disabilities.

On-the-job Training

Liberty ARC offers PAID classroom and on the job training that provides staff with beneficial knowledge and skills that can be used inside and outside of the workplace! 

  • American Red Cross First Aid/ CPR
  • Defensive Driving  Group of leaders at Liberty ARC sitting down at tables with papers in front of them under a big tent.
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Basic Lifting
  • Additional specialized training as needed
  • Employee Mentoring Program throughout first year of employment.
  • Management and Leadership Development

Paid Internships:

Liberty offers paid internship opportunities for high school or college students interested in pursuing work in the Human Services field.  This a great learning program for any age but can be particularly beneficial for students that may want hands-on experience in fields such as psychology,  special education, early childhood education, social work, nursing and other disciplines.  In addition paid training can be arranged during school vacation periods.

This internship looks great on a resume and will show you firsthand the rewarding work in the human services field. Why have an average part-time job when you can be helping others and building your resume?

SUNY Apprenticeship Program

College campus with students walking and a clock tower in the middle with information about Liberty ARC's DSP Apprenticeship Program.Liberty participates in a unique program that promotes advances skills for our full-time employees.  This special curriculum is offered via a partnership with SUNY Fulton Montgomery Community College and the NYS Department of Labor.

  • Free Coursework: The two-year program (35 credits total) includes 19 credits of coursework through FMCC, plus 16 credits of documented on-the-job training. Coursework includes Developmental Psychology, Human Services, Microcomputer applications and more.


  • Employees Graduate with the title of “Certified Direct Support Professional” and as an additional recognition they receive $2,000 added to their base salary!

For More Information about these Education and Professional Development Opportunities please contact our Recruiters at 518-954-3387 or josephs@libertyarc.org

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