Manager of the Year: Dayton Blanc

I am Liberty Story: Manager of the Year Dayton Blanc. Headshot of Dayton Blanc.
Congratulations to Dayton Blanc, this year’s Manager of the Year at Liberty ARC!
Dayton is the agency’s Regional Scheduling Coordinator for the down county portion, or also known as the Amsterdam region, of Montgomery County.
“I cannot say in just one sentence what it means to me to receive this honor, but what I will say is this – although awards like this illuminate the accomplishments of the recipient, they are also about the people surrounding the recipient,” Dayton said. “I was truly blessed to have had two incredibly supportive supervisors this past year. Erin Ilagan (Assistant Director of Operations) played a pivotal part in shaping this role. Her leadership, direct communication, and quick response to anything of concern has made a profound impact on my role. Carrie-Ann Schmidt (Director of Operations) is my current supervisor. Her focus on positivity and teamwork with a strategic mindset are not only an encouragement, but inspire me to be a better employee and leader as well. Taylor Schuyler has stepped into the Scheduling role for up/mid county and has played an integral part in the Scheduling team and its functionality. Lastly our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). They are truly the heart of what we do and are the ones who make the most difference.”
In his role, Dayton oversees schedules to ensure adequate staffing at the agency’s residential sites and supervises and coordinates schedules for relief and floating DSPs. He also works collectively with other departments within the agency and other schedulers to manage staffing resources.
Dayton has been with the agency for over six years with his first job as a Residential Manager in the down county area for three years. Before joining the Liberty ARC team, Dayton worked for another agency that supports people with disabilities as a Direct Support Coordinator and then a Medicaid Service Coordinator.
“What drew me to Liberty ARC is their commitment to providing exceptional supports and their person-centered approach in doing so,” Dayton said. “There is a rewarding feeling of conquering new challenges and working in an atmosphere that emphasizes a one team, one goal approach. Throughout my years here, I have always enjoyed working in a team setting, taking part in the retention committee and various others in order for Liberty ARC to continue to provide top-quality supports with a dedicated team of staff. I am proud of the Scheduling Department, and our continued work in implementing a consistent scheduling process through the organization.”

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