Support Employee of the Year: Tony Bianchine

I am Liberty Story: Support Employee of the Year Tony Bianchine. Headshot of Tony Bianchine.
We are happy to recognize Tony Bianchine as this year’s Support Employee of the Year at Liberty ARC!
“I am very honored to be recognized,” said Tony, Liberty ARC’s Safety Manager. “I really enjoy my work and the environment I work in. It’s honestly the best job I have ever had. I love working around positive people. As they say attitudes are contagious, and being around so many positive people and environments makes every day enjoyable. Being recognized just adds that much more enjoyment.”
Tony has been with the agency for eight years. In his position, he ensures there is safe environments in place for all people involved with Liberty ARC. This includes areas of fire safety and compliance, physical site safety and security, bed safety compliance, transportation safety, event safety, and anything that involves the people supported by the agency and employees to live and work in a suitable and safe environment.
Before coming to Liberty ARC, Tony worked in Asset Protection and Logistics Operations Management for Wal-Mart Distribution Center from 1995-2016, while concurrently serving as a Deputy Sheriff with Schoharie County Sheriff’s Department from 1992-2014.
“I love helping people. When someone appreciates something you have done for them, it is a personal reward for me,” Tony said. “When you can make a difference for someone else, it’s very satisfying. Liberty ARC is about helping people to succeed and flourish. Being a be part of that and on a team that has the same goal for success is a great feeling.”
For Tony, it is hard to pick a favorite memory as there has been so many memorable times at Liberty ARC, like fixing a bicycle for a person supported, building a swing set for a house, supporting a family, and in the face of difficulty, finding solutions for the most positive outcome.
“All those things bring me great reward and the best memories,” Tony said. “Thank you to everyone for being supportive, being positive, and making a big difference in my life.”

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