Residential Programs

Two men smiling at the porch of their home. One has a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, the other a red baseball cap and striped polo.

Each of Liberty ARC’s homes has a unique character and ambiance that reflects the personalities of the individuals that live there.

A home is more than just bricks and mortar.  A home is a place to feel comfortable, supported and safe. Liberty ARC’s Residential Program is committed to offering services that promote individualized programming and supports based on each individual’s personal outcomes.

Our residential program is no longer confined to fitting people into traditional models of community living. Today we start with the person — and customize the home and the supports based upon their preferences.  Individuals choose the type of home, the area, the people with whom he or she wishes to live and the staff members who will provide in-home support.

Liberty ARC offers a variety of residential options, depending on the level of support and supervision needed by each person.   Residential opportunities include well staffed 24-hour supervised homes, supportive living apartments with staff providing assistance from 15 to 20 hours each week and family care situations where individuals live with families in the community.

For more information about residential options offered by Liberty ARC contact our Admissions Coordinator at 518.954.3239 or info@libertyarc.org.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who decides the type of residential home?
A. It is a team effort with family members, residential and clinical staff and, most importantly, the person desiring a home. The primary focus is always on the individual.

Q. How does funding work?
A. A person must be eligible for Medicaid.

Q. Where are Liberty’s residential homes located?
A. Liberty has homes throughout Montgomery County in quiet, picturesque settings in the suburbs, small towns and villages and busy city locations.

Q. Can a family member visit the individual’s home once they live in a Liberty sponsored home?
A. Absolutely! Liberty supports and encourages relationships with family members and friends.

Q. What support services are included in the residential program?
A. Supports are built in according to the needs and desires of each person. A person is able to receive the following clinical supports: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Speech & Language Therapy, Psychological, Psychiatric and Behavioral Supports, Social Work, and Nutritional services. Medical and dental supports are available through New Dimensions in Health Care, an Article 28 Health Center, as well as other health care providers in area.

Q. How involved can I be with the decision making process for my family member?
A. Liberty believes that each person should be at the center of their life planning. Liberty’s approach is to support and guide families through this person-centered decision making process with regular contact between the individual and the family. Family and friends play a significant role in supporting the individual in developing their goals and supports.

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