Liberty ARC, Where Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

“Working with Harry Bugasch isn’t like work at all,” Liberty ARC Direct Support Professional (DSP) Sue Pacillo said. “Harry’s fun, he’s got a great personality and he puts me in my place sometimes, which is what everyone needs from time-to-time.”

The Magic of Friendship

“He’s helped me become a great magician,” Cody Schultz said of Liberty ARC’s Behavior Support Specialist Jeremy Purtell. “A great magician never reveals his tricks, but I’ll just say that Jeremy has helped me become a great one.”

Liberty ARC: Where Your Biggest Fans are Your Greatest Friends

“You owe me another Uno rematch,” Kenny Hotaling said with a smile. “I need another chance to be champion – you won’t beat me this time.”

The Communication of Friendship

“What did the dog say to the sandpaper?” Joey Then’s joke app on his iPad asks. Joey waits a few seconds to see if anybody knows the answer, when nobody responds, he presses the answer button. “’Ruff’,” the app answers. Everybody laughs, including Joey.

Liberty ARC: Making Dream Vacations a Reality

Deitra Stockwell, an Assistant Hab Specialist 1 at Liberty ARC, was given the opportunity to take an individual on his dream vacation, and it’s a memory she’ll never forget. “To see how happy he was to finally be there was the best feeling in the world for me,” Deitra said. Deitra, who’s been with the agency for 19 years, took Lester Hogabone – an avid racing fan – to Daytona International Speedway a couple of years ago, making his dream come true. “Lester is very much into racing,” she said. “He goes to the races at the Fonda track, he watches the races on TV every Sunday, he collects model cars – so going to Daytona was something he always dreamed of doing.”

Mission Statement:

Together we support people with disabilities to achieve a quality of life each person values.

Our Values: Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Resourcefulness & Person-Centered