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I am Liberty Story: Flexible Schedules Just For You. Headshot of Stefanie Ackerknecht.

Do you have a ‘big heart?’ If so, Stefanie Ackerknecht strongly suggests applying for a position at Liberty ARC!

“If you think [that’s you] and you need a job that can work with your schedule and/or your family, then it’s definitely worth looking into Liberty ARC,” she said.

Stefanie has been working as a Relief Direct Support Professional (DSP) for more than 17 years. She enjoys the flexibility the position provides her, especially since it allows her to run her own business.

“Being a Relief DSP allows me the flexibility to work with my photography business, Class Ack Photography, which I started 7 years ago,” she said. “Since I don’t have my own studio, business definitely fluctuates depending on the season. Liberty ARC gives me the opportunity to fill in the gaps with as few, or as many, hours as I’d like.”

Stefanie also said she started substitute teaching three years ago when her youngest child began school. The flexibility of her position, at Liberty ARC, allows her to pursue teaching and photography.

Stefanie said her favorite aspect of her position at Liberty ARC is the relationships she’s formed with the individuals she’s supported.

“Over the years, I have been fortunate to develop some close relationships with individuals I’ve worked with, and their families,” she said. “For me, being trusted, loved and appreciated by the families of those we support is the best feeling.”

Stefanie said after working at Liberty ARC for almost two decades, the agency has “become like a second home.”

“You look forward to seeing certain smiling faces that make the day worth it,” she said.

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