DSP Trainer Position Gives Helping Hand to New DSPs

I am Liberty Story: DSP Trainer Position Gives Helping Hands to New DSPs. Headshot of Sue Ferry.

Susan Ferry’s history with Liberty ARC spans across an impressive 26 year career. In that time, she has gained a wealth of knowledge that continues to benefit the agency in her new role as Direct Support Professional Trainer.

The DSP Trainer is a new position created to support newly hired DSPS, helping them transition from learning in the classroom to hands-on practice of the skills they learned. Susan’s background in Liberty ARC’s Residential Programs made her a perfect fit for this role.

“As both an assistant manager and manager of a larger home, I realized the importance of training new staff in a timely manner,” she said. “They can feel a part of the shift when they are contributing to the teamwork that is needed during the shift.”

“The completion of this training, which enables a new staff to become an integral part of the shift, becomes a win-win for all staff, the shift, and the individuals within the home,” said Susan.

John Glode, Liberty ARC’s Director of Operations, said Susan was an excellent choice for the job to act as a mentor, support system, and a trainer, which are critical elements to create a long-term team of skilled and confident staff.

Susan has worked in several homes over the years and has held the position of DSP, Charge Supervisor, Assistant Manager, and Manager. In additional to her already impressive resume with Liberty ARC, she has worked in Med Transport, Respite, and Recreation.

“Susan has an extraordinary commitment to the organization and to the people receiving services,” said John. “Everything she does is around the person. That is what motivates her.”

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