Liberty ARC: Just Do It

I am Liberty Story: Flexible Schedules Just for You. Headshot of Cheryl Wagner.

Cheryl Wagner’s advice for someone considering working at Liberty ARC is to “just do it.”

“My favorite aspect of working at Liberty ARC is the relationships I’ve built,” Cheryl said. “There are people I’ve supported and worked with over the years who still remember my kids’ names and they remember certain things about me. It warms my heart.”

Cheryl has been working at Liberty ARC since 1987. She works full-time as a special education teacher at Sacandaga Elementary School and also works full-time hours doing nights as a Direct Support Sleep-In for Liberty ARC.

“I’ve always loved working here – I think it’s a great agency full of wonderful people and it’s got great benefits,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl was looking for a job when she moved from Virginia in 1987. Her son was an infant and she was looking for a position that would give her full-time hours and flexibility.

“The agency is always flexible and they always work with your schedule if you have classes or certain hours you can or can’t work, they can work with you,” she said. “They’re wonderful about that! They really work with you so that you’re happy and comfortable in your position.”

After a few years, Cheryl left the agency to focus on getting her Master’s Degree and pursue a career in special education. She worked as a special education teacher at Gloversville Middle School for many years before retiring.

Cheryl wasn’t very good at being ‘retired,’ however, and through a program called Advanced Therapy, Cheryl got back into teaching special education full-time at Sacandaga Elementary School, in the Scoria-Glenville School District.

After her son left for college, Cheryl decided she wanted a second job.

“I was empty-nesting and I realized how much I missed Liberty ARC,” she said, “so I came back and it was the best decision I’ve made.” Cheryl says the extra income helps her “spoil” her grandchildren.

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