Liberty ARC, Where Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work

I am Liberty ARC Story: Creating Friendships That Last a Lifetime. Headshot of Sue Pacillo with man she supports at Liberty ARC.

“Working with Harry Bugasch isn’t like work at all,” Liberty ARC Direct Support Professional (DSP) Sue Pacillo said. “Harry’s fun, he’s got a great personality and he puts me in my place sometimes, which is what everyone needs from time-to-time.”

“Sue is a great person,” Harry said, “She helps me with my goals and she also makes sure I set goals for fun things to do – not just for work. I really appreciate it.”

Sue’s been a DSP for Liberty ARC’s Family Support Services program for four years and she’s been working with Harry for the last two years.

“My favorite part about this job is the relationships I have with the people I support,” she said. “Helping them achieve their goals but also helping them enjoy things too – that’s what I really enjoy advocating for. That’s what I’ve been doing with Harry.”

Sue said that when she first met Harry he “tolerated” her at first, but then the two grew closer over time.

“I had a tough act to follow,” she said. “Harry had a great staff person prior to me and I had some big shoes to fill. I really had to win him over, but I think we’re pretty close now. I’d say we’re pretty great friends.”

“I agree,” Harry replied.

Harry said he appreciates a lot of different things that Sue supports him with, including paperwork on the computer for his job at Amsterdam Print and working out with him at the gym.

“I’m trying to get into shape after having three surgeries on my knee,” he said. “Sue goes to the gym with me and we go on the treadmill. We also work on computer skills so I can get better with the computer.”

“I bring an extra laptop from home and have him work on computer skills,” Sue said. “I teach him how to do certain things so that he can do them himself. He asks for confirmation if he’s done something right, and he’s getting more comfortable with the computer.”

Because of Sue’s dedication and support, Harry has achieved some of his work-related goals, and what he wants to achieve has changed. Now those goals include more community-related functions, so that Harry’s out on the weekends and enjoying himself and wisely using the money Sue’s helped him budget.

Sue’s advice for those looking to apply for a position at Liberty ARC is to jump into a department and learn as much as possible.

“I’ve worked in almost every department a DSP can,” she said, “and every one was a fantastic learning experience. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and it’s amazing how much Liberty ARC does for the people we support and the confidence they instill – it’s truly great to witness! I suggest anyone interested in working for this agency to apply and learn as much as possible and you’ll find your niche.”

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