Providing New Management Learning Opportunities for Career Success & Growth

I am Liberty Story: Providing New Management Learning Opportunities for Career Success & Growth. Head shot of Amy Stearns.

Frontline supervisors (FLS) play a key role in mentoring and strengthening teams of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) they oversee to provide high-quality supports and services to people with disabilities. Because of this strong belief, Liberty ARC is proud to provide the opportunity for our management to take part in the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) E-Badges Academy to strengthen their careers.

Amy Stearns, a Residential Manager at Liberty ARC, is enrolled in the current class and has received DSP-I credentialing. She is also working on her frontline supervisors (FLS) credentialing.

While Liberty ARC’s first cohort was only open to DSPs, it was exciting to expand the program to frontline supervisors so they could also receive national certification. It is a great opportunity for front line supervisors to expand their knowledge of how to lead teams and provide the best supports.

As a member of NADSP, Liberty ARC provides the opportunity for direct care staff to earn credentials through the e-badges program. E-Badges are specific online learning modules with a comprehension component and a practical application component.  Each E-Badge earned challenges the DSP taking the module to expand their knowledge and apply it in situations with the people they support.

The E-Badges Academy leads to a nationally-recognized credential with three different levels (DSP-I, DSP-II, DSP-III), promoting excellence in direct support work.

“I wanted to be the best employee that I can be and educate myself as much as possible, so I can provide the best services to the people I support,” Amy said. “The courses has challenged me and made me think out of the box to make adaptions and find solutions that also encourage the people we support in their independence.”

One of the classes that was most beneficial to Amy as a manager concentrated on communication with family.

“We are in constant communication with family members, who are trusting us with the lives of their loved ones,” Amy said. “At times, there are challenges with some families, but the course teaches you it’s not easy for a sibling or parent to relinquish that control and to put their trust in others. This is why building relationships with families is so important to have a clear line of communication and work on that trust in each other to work as a team with the common goal of what is best for their loved ones.”

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