At Liberty, Continuing to Grow & Learn

I am Liberty Story: At Liberty, Continuing to Grow and Learn. Brianna Hoover and Breanna Lapi with the people they support at Liberty ARC.

“As part of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) credentialing program I am receiving an in-depth learning about different disabilities as well as how to further understand them, so that I can better support the individuals I am with day to day at Liberty ARC,” said Breanna Lapi, a Residential Direct Support Professional. “I also gained knowledge through the courses of how to overcome/deal with different scenarios I am faced with while working on a day to day basis.”

Breanna Lapi and Brianna Hoover, an Assistant Hab Specialist 1 at Liberty ARC, are members of agency’s first class enrolled in the NADSP E-Badges Academy. The two will be graduating from the program on Wednesday, July 26. Breanna is DSP-III, and Brianna has completed her DSP-II credentialing.

“The credentialing program is beneficial in so many ways, including the different insight it brings to better support people at Liberty ARC,” Brianna said.

As a member of NADSP, Liberty ARC has been provided with the opportunity for direct care staff to earn credentials through the e-badges program. E-Badges are specific modules with lessons, a comprehension component, and a practical application component. Each E-Badge earned challenges the DSP taking the module to expand their knowledge and apply it in situations with the people they support.

One of the courses that was most beneficial for Brianna was Supporting Spirituality.

“I’ve picked a lot of courses based on the specific needs of the people I support in day program,” Brianna said. “The Supporting Spirituality has really helped me find alternative ways to provide the best supports to a person, who is very devoted to his faith. It helps design service plans based on the choices and goals of the person supported, and involves that person in the process in order for them to feel fulfilled and living their best life.”

For Breanna, courses focused on Autism have been of great value to her.

“A courses that I believe has helped me immensely in my job is the courses that concerned Autism. I am with a person who is autistic. Learning more about the diagnosis has made it easier to support him during his day,” Breanna said. “Also courses about different means of communication has been a big help being I support many people who are non-verbal and behavioral, so being able to learn different steps to take has helped with supporting them.”’’

The next class of DSP’s enrolling in E-Badges is slated to start in the fall. For more information, contact Sarah Stygles, Liberty ARC’s Organization Development Manager, at (518) 954-3242 or stygless@libertyarc.org.

“If a coworker was interested in applying for the next cohort of applicants for the program I would highly recommend and encourage them to do so,” Breanna said. “I would explain if they have the dedication and desire to move forward with their knowledge and education at Liberty they will do great and come out of the program with a strong sense on how they can improve their day to day support while at work and even take that knowledge to the community.”

Above pictured from left to right is Brianna and Breanna.

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