A Commitment To Advancement

I am Liberty Story: A Commitment To Advancement. Head shot of Allison Smullen

“I want to deepen my understanding of best practices in supporting people with disabilities, in order to provide the highest quality of care and support possible,” said Liberty ARC Residential Manager Allison Smullen. “I feel that the commitment to continuous learning and professional development reflects my dedication to my profession, the team I oversee, and the people I support.”

Allison said this is the reason she decided to apply and take part in the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) E-Badges Academy.

As a member of NADSP, Liberty ARC provides the opportunity for direct care staff, including front line supervisors (FLS), like Allison, to earn credentials through the e-badges program. E-Badges are specific online learning modules with a comprehension component and a practical application component.  Each E-Badge earned challenges Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) taking the modules to expand their knowledge and apply it in situations with the people they support.

Allison received her DSP-I and FLS credentialing. The E-Badges Academy leads to a nationally-recognized credential with three different levels for DSPs (DSP-I, DSP-II, DSP-III), promoting excellence in direct support work.

“The NADSP program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance the knowledge and abilities of DSPs,” Allison said. “By participating in this cohort, I aimed to improve my qualifications, increase my value as an employee, and open up opportunities for career advancement within the organization and the healthcare field. Also this has helped me with personal growth and increased self-confidence in my abilities as a support professional and as a manager.”

Allison not only finds the courses beneficial for herself to provide excellent supports and services to the people in the home she oversees, but she can also share that knowledge with the team of residential DSPs that she manages in order to strengthening her team.

“The most beneficial classes were directly related to my job responsibilities and the needs of the people that I support,” Allison said. “Specifically, I enjoyed learning about person-centered planning, behavioral management, communication skills, health and safety, cultural competence, and advocacy and empowerment.” 

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