Program Employee of the Year: Keisha Carter

I am Liberty Story: Program Employee of the Year Keisha Carter. Headshot of Keisha Carter.
We are excited to announce Keisha Carter has been named the Program Employee of the Year at Liberty ARC!
When nominated by her peers Keisha was a Direct Support Professional for Liberty ARC’s Family Support Services (FSS) program, supporting adults and children. Most recently, Keisha was promoted to manager for FSS.
“I never imagined that I would be named Employee of the Year,” Keisha said. “It means a lot that out of all the other wonderful nominations, I was the one chosen.”
As a DSP for FSS, Keisha took those she supports on many fun outings, including camping, swimming, going to theme parks, and getting ice cream after school. Keisha also offered support working on individual goals, building friendships between the children, and learning about their individual stories.
“I love being able to be my goofy self and have fun interactions with the people I support,” Keisha said. “I love working for Liberty ARC because of how they put themselves out in the community and allow opportunities for everyone who receives a form of service at Liberty ARC. The fact that I can make a difference in others’ lives and a positive impact on the community is why I keep coming back.”
Liberty ARC has been a part of her whole life because of her mother, Lisa Moore, an Assistant Hab 2 Code C for the agency, since Keisha was a little girl.
“I found my way to Liberty ARC because of my mom,” Keisha said. “She always brought my siblings and myself around to all the different events and happenings at Liberty ARC. As I have grown up over the years at Liberty ARC, I’ve come to love the job. I am there for the smiles and laughter at the fun times, but I am also there for the tough times too and every other emotion that comes with this line of work. The excitement and pure joy that runs through me when they accomplish something they have been working towards for a while is a feeling that everyone should experience. This job is so rewarding and I have memories that will last a lifetime.”
Some of Keisha’s most memorable moments surround the yearly camping trips, which is something all the children look forward to and talk about all year long. Planning and working the end of the year water balloon and water gun fight is another fond member for Keisha.
“They are all running around screaming, laughing, and having fun. To see those smiles is everything,” Keisha said.

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