Finally Back at Liberty ARC

I am Liberty Story: Flexible Schedules Just For You. Headshot of Sandra Moore.

Every time Sandra Moore – a live-in assistant manager at Liberty ARC – starts her seven-day shift, the individuals she supports always say “you’re back home!”

“They greet me with hugs and tell me ‘welcome back,’” Sandra said. “And it really does feel like I’ve come back home – I love it.”

Sandra has been working for the agency for nearly three years. She works seven days in a row as a live-in assistant manager, then she has the following seven days off.

When she isn’t working at Liberty ARC, Sandra works as the secretary for her church, Crossroads Community Church in Amsterdam. She creates graphics for Sunday service, updates weekly bulletins, she organizes events and keeps a record of church members, amongst other tasks.

Sandra originally started working at Liberty ARC in the early 90s, but decided to be a stay-at home-mother when her second child was born.

“I always said to myself that when my kids were grown I would come back to Liberty ARC, because I loved working here,” she said. “And now I’m back.”

Sandra said she’s always enjoyed working for the agency, but recently her two worlds have been brought together, and work has been even more enjoyable at both places.

“Some of the individuals I support have started going to my church for community meals and dinners,” she said. “It’s really neat because these individuals are connecting with the community and they always look forward to seeing people at the church – I love seeing them when I go to church.”

Sandra said that anyone considering a position at Liberty ARC should go for it.

“Try it out and be yourself – that’s all that you can do,” she said. “Just be the person you are, and remember to treat the people you support just as they are – people. They want the same things in life that you and I want. Just treat them like you want to be treated, it’s as simple as that. It’s a great job – very fulfilling and fun.”

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