Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eligibility Criteria?
Eligibility criteria, eligibility determination and procedures for access to service varies by funder and service. Furthermore, it can be very complex. To better understand your eligibility criteria you are encouraged to reach out to CEN at 518-842-5080 (ext 3081)

What is the geographical area served by this program?
Typically, we support individuals who reside in Montgomery County. Depending on where you live and your preferences we may assist you to find work in nearby communities surrounding Montgomery County.

Is transportation provided?
Transportation is provided to individuals participating in Vocational (Pre-Employment) Services. However, once a person transitions to or is receiving Supported Employment transportation these supports are determined on a case by case basis. A person in supported employment is encouraged to identify alternative means of transportation such as city bus, cabs, co-workers, friends/families, walking, biking, etc.

What if I am not sure that I am ready for Vocational or Supported Employment Services?
A staff member from Employment Services (and/or ACCES VR) will work with you and others who know you best to complete an assessment and determine your ability to benefit from services. Feedback will be provided to you on a variety of areas that you may wish to consider developing to better prepare you for this next step.

How might I know if I am ready for vocational (pre-employment) services?
Here is a list of questions you may ask yourself?

  • Do I have supports of paid staff that can be faded or modified in the near future?
    • Can I develop community or situational on the job alone time?
    • If I am on the job, how will I address my supports for health care (hygiene, medications, meals, precautions, etc)
  • Can I develop the skills necessary to seek or ask for help in an emergent or critical situation?
  • What types of support might be available to help me travel to and from my job?
  • Can I enhance my ability to address effectively deal with conflicts and interpersonal interactions with others?
  • Do I have any prior work experiences (volunteer, paid or unpaid internship, etc?)
  • What might prohibit me from being able to work? How might I overcome these areas

How long does it take to develop pre-employment skills and how long does it take to secure a job?
Each person’s circumstances are different and must be considered when determining which supports a person will benefit from most. Some services are time-limited such as Pathway to Employment, while others may be ongoing such as Supported Employment. No matter which service you are seeking we ask that you are ready to learn, flexible, committed and engaged.

How might I know if I am ready to seek a job through supported employment services?
Here is a list of questions you may ask yourself to gauge your readiness?

  • Are my healthcare issues managed?
  • Do I have childcare arrangements made?
  • Do I have a plan for transportation to get me to and from my job?
  • Can I be without a paid staff in a work environment?
  • Do I know or have the support necessary to report my earned income monthly to SSA?
    • Do I know who and how to seek for assistance with benefits?
  • Am I committed to working and can I be depended upon?
  • Do I understand and demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors?

How do I get involved?
For more information please contact:
Director of Employment Services at 518-842-5080 ext 3126
Assistant Director of Employment Services at 518-842-5080 ext 3258
Coordinator of Employment Services at 518-842-5080 ext 3081

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